{Kids} A Thanksgiving Quiz via One Charming Party Blog

{Via One Charming Party, Photo by Sara Westbrook}

So today I’m reading through all the Blog’s I follow on Bloglovin’ and I get to one of my favorite Party Planners, Amy Atlas’ Blog, and I saw this amazing Cupcake Liner tutorial post. So, I clicked on the link and it took me to Party Planner, Brittany Egbert’s, One Charming Party. You need to check out her Blog (I’ve already joined) for some really great ideas and great giveaways happening this month as well. Then, I see this super great idea for Thanksgiving.  It is a {FUN} “Thanksgiving Quiz full of turkey trivia to challenge reading age kids. You can use it at your Thanksgiving dinner or for a school classroom party. Or try it out yourself to see how much you know.” She has provided it for all of us via a PDF (see below) and the answers as well! How great!

She even makes the pencil {FUN}. Here is what you need to make your feather pencils: festive pencils, feathers and natural colored floral tape. “With a small piece of the floral tape, attach the feathers to where the eraser is and wrap the tape around. Now sharpen those pencils and ace this pop quiz.”

I hope this {FUN} little quiz helps make your kids (and adult) tables even more {FUN} this Thanksgiving!

Turkey Trivia Quiz PDF

Turkey Trivia Answers PDF

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