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(French) [mēl yʉ′], n.: Your environment. Your social or cultural surroundings in which you live. In this blog, I share my {Milieu}. ~Enjoy!

{What’s A Girl To Do On A Rainy Day…} Look at funny pictures!



Maddie here is getting her 20/20 appointment. After Thanksgiving has {blown} through your house, you might also need a vision check ~ HA HA!

So, I’ve gone down my check list and seems all things are in order for a great Thanksgiving Week! Let’s see:

Gobble Gobble School Plays/Parties ~ Practiced For/Seen/Attended/Enjoyed – Check!

House Decor Set Out & Ready To Be Put Up After Right (AFTER) Thanksgiving – Check!

House Pet Sitter Scheduled – Check!

All Peeps Packed & Car Loaded – Check!

Kids Excited To See Family In Florida – Double Check (2 kids)!

Contacting Old (not “old”…sillies) Friends In Hopes Of Seeing While In FL – Check!

Curling up & Enjoying a Hot Cocoa On This Rainy Day B4 The Thanksgiving Craziness Begins – HECK YEAH – Check!

So, guess what? Here is an Easy & Cute idea for the kiddos at your Thanksgiving table from (yes) Martha Stewart (via Pinterest page I found)! I never thought to trim Craft Paper down to fit into my printer & yet we draw on it, like all the time! This is now done & ready for my girls to have something fun to do while the big kids enjoy each others company & conversations (you know what i’m talkin’ about y’all)!



PS ~ I printed it on 8 1/2 x 11 and reduced the size to 60% & worked GREAT!

So, Here’s To You & Your Families Enjoying Your Fun & Crazy Traditions This Thanksgiving Season!

{Be Safe, Don’t Eat Too Much & Heck, Why Not Follow Our Blog & make that a new tradition (wink)!}


{Hey-It’s Friday!} Quotes To Live By


After last weeks “Business Of Design” Seminar held by Kimberley Seldon, at InsiDesign in Atlanta, GA, I have a new vigor for implementing change into my Interior Design firm. This quote about sums up my feelings.

What do you have on your agenda for your business, your life, your family? I hope you will share your thoughts here with us!


If you would like assistance in creating an inspiring Residential or Commercial space, please contact us! We would love to hear from you.

{FYI Fridays} The White House Is 221 This Weekend!

TGIF Everyone!

I {luv} receiving my DIGG emails each day. I skim over them and find little, quick tid-bits of what is happening in the world ~ today.

Today, they posted something of historical interest and yet after watching two morning news channels, I have (not) heard this mentioned.  Well, the White House is celebrating its 221st Anniversary this weekend.  That is pretty interesting, I feel, and should be talked about in the news.  Maybe, just maybe, it would make those working in Washington, DC realize what a priveledge it is to work there and represent all of us Americans (I don’t get political but had to just say that….just sayin!).

This Yahoo article starts out with:  “On October 13, 1792, the White House’s cornerstone was put in place in a quiet ceremony. Since then, the president’s house has survived an attack, a near condemning, a second fire, and an effort to build a rival White House!”



{White House Fire in 1929 image}

Number 3. on this list is interesting as well.   “Very little of the original White House remains. Those pesky British burned the original White House in 1814 after U.S. forces set fire to Canada’s parliament. The famous Gilbert Stuart painting of George Washington was saved by a fleeing Dolley Madison and some exterior stone walls survived the fire.”

Did you know all that? I sure didn’t! Read on here and click on the DIGG/Yahoo link (via Yahoo) to read more about the White Houses 221st Anniversary and more great tid-bits news posts and factoids from around the globe!


{Design Camp} Laguna Beach! Are you signed up yet?

Happy Tuesday morning everyone!

Image - Laguna Beach

Just a quick, friendly reminder to all you Interior Designers, Space-Planners and Decorators/Stagers, and vendors that the next Design Camp is coming up really soon!  It is being held in the OC (California) October 9-11th.

Whilst I wish I could attend again, I cannot (it is my husband’s birthday so…I think I should be here (wink wink)).   Unless you have a great excuse like me, you should consider going!

 It was a wonderful experience when I attended it in Atlanta in January 2013 (btw ~ that is mean with the aqua scarf around my neck).  I went back to Atlanta for this event, the city where I had just moved from less than a year prior,  via All The Best Blog.  Ronda Rice Carman, the creator of the ATB Blog, held a giveaway and I won! Yup! I won! I was so happy! Ronda was also a speaker at the event and did a wonderful job!

[Co-Founder, Lori Dennis & myself]

[Gerardo, Ronda & myself]

To boot, she also brought the amazing Gerardo Jaconelli (the hot Scott Photographer) to share his tips at taking great images of your design work.  He specializes in Architecture/Interiors and more. Follow him on Twitter as he travels the globe shooting for Ronda’s blog post and so many other great projects!

[OK had to share the picture of Jerardo…enough to sign up for Design Camp alone, right?]

All in all,  I made so many new business connections, a new UF friend (Sarah Cain) along with loads of new insight and refreshers where it was needed.

[Sarah & I]

[Sarah & I meeting the fabulous, ever so humble & nice, Barry Darr Dixon]

So, I hope see some of the fun (& perks) of attending Design Camp in Laguna Beach. Better yet, why don’t you jump over to their website [here] and take a look at all the info for yourself?  I promise, it is worth it!

{Delish!} “Flourishing Foodie” Blog


I am OTM {that is over the moon in my world}!  I just found this great food blog started back in 2010.  Heather and her husband are from Canada & reside in Seattle, WA with their dog.  I love her blog! The gorgeous images, the thought behind each post, and just a tinge of cheeky humor to keep me there.  I luv it! I wish her continued success with her blog!

I think it was Thursday night that my friend Deedra FB posted pics, from NOLO, of the last summer moon and that fall is upon us.  That clicked for me when I read this blog this morning.  I thought to myself,  “I still have tomato’s to use and a basil plant (bought from Trader Joe’s) that is always making me think it is its last day w/us.  So, I better use both up, quickly!”

Every so often I get the itch to jump into a new recipe and give it a go. Today I will go buy the items we are missing for this recipe and I will try making this tomorrow afternoon ~ with my girls! So, hey, why don’t you jump over to her blog [Flourishing Foodie] to see the whole post.  And guess what, she makes it SOOOO easy to print the recipe. Yes, she makes something easy on a blog!

 Wishing you all a happy weekend!


{FYI Friday’s} September Is “National Library Card Sign-Up Month”

Luol Deng, Honorary Chair of Library Card Sign-up Month 2012


Last fall, my then Kindergartner’s class took a field trip to downtown Charleston’s main library. This was a lot of fun for her as it was her first school bus ride. Oh, did she have fun (till the heat set in…ha ha). But the best part of it was she got her own {libary card}. Well, having lunch at the Waterfront Park after might have been the best part (but shhh….).

Flash forward, two weeks ago, my kids and I were doing their homework at the Mt. Pleasant main libary and my oldest (9 in 4th grade now) and I signed up for our cards finally.  I think this is one of the last things I held onto doing as we went the Atlanta libraries around town so much….this really mean “we live here now.”  A year-and-a-half in, I say we do but my heart is in the ATL.  Anyway, the point here is we did it! We are official SC Libary card holders!

Below is from the “The Campaign For America’s Libraries.”

“Library Card Sign-up Month is a celebration held at the beginning of the new school year during which librarians across the country remind parents and caregivers that a library card is the most important school supply of all. This year, Luol Deng of the Chicago Bulls joins us as Honorary Chair. Deng is a two-time All-Star  and noted for his humanitarian work in Africa.”

“Visit your local library with your children and teens today and sign up for a library card!”

Not sure how to get a library card?Check out: How to get a library card.

Maybe you are asking, “What’s at the Library Today?” Take a peek at just some of what a library offers its customers in today’s digital world!

“A library card is a key resource in achieving academic success, and the library is the perfect place to spend quality family time together.”

Sounds great right? I think many of us have forgotten just how important our libraries were to us as kids. My mom took us there every week so we could do our homework then we would get to rummage the kids section and just sit on the floor and “read!” She would be in the adults section and we would meet at the check out counter. We would have two or three books and maybe one would get read before next weeks visit, but that is one more book I read! My brother would read all his like my mom, HUGE readers! With that said, we simply must pass this on to our kids and their kids.  Libraries are digital now too, so you won’t miss a beat with what you need to search for!  Bookstores are great but the library is the {ORIGINAL} bookstore in my humble opinion! So, won’t you take the time to go visit your local library?


“There are many services offered at your local library, from courses on computers or art to book clubs and parenting groups. “


“Fun programs can always be found at your local library.”  For example, “Charlottesville’s Jefferson-Madison Regional Library in North Carolina offers a weekly program called Storytime Stew for kids ages five and under where stories, rhymes, songs and fun abound.”


“Resources available at the library, such as books, CDs, DVDs, magazines, games, computers, Internet access, microfilm, maps and more!”

   Find out about the services available by visiting your nearest library. They have a “Search Your Area” to find your closest library!  Not sure how to get a library card?Check out: How to get a library card.


{Quotes To Live By}


Well, this week has been about getting ideas together for our {NEW} Blog look & that takes time! Oh boy, does it take time! I cannot believe how I look at one website, and then realize thirty minutes later I am 12 websites deeper than the first one I started on! The internet sucks you in ~ it does! There is so much to see out there!

BTW ~ This artist does the most unique work. I had pinned this image a while ago.  I just visited her FLIKR page, and {oh my}, she is creative! Check her work out here!

So, I hope you will keep visiting us as we find our {NEW} look and share it with friends once we do!



{A Good Read} #1

Today, I am starting a new series here on the {Milieu Blog}.   I am reading/collecting/photographing/pinning articles from everywhere, everyday, and I figured that I should share them here.  Some are from newspapers, magazines, on-line sources, and some are even received via the mail from my mother (whom is a HUGE reader).  Some are recent and some are months old. No matter when, where, what or how ~ I hope you will find it all good information to ponder over (even for just a moment) in your day.


So, I thought I would start this new series with an interesting article my mother sent me in my birthday package (yes, in my birthday package).  Wall Street Journal Magazine interviewed Nadja Swarovski and her role in the Swarovski empire her “great great grandfather developed back in 1895.”   It is an interesting read that shares her influence on the company since joining it back in 1995. The 42 year old, whom is just slightly taller than me (I’m 5-10 1/2″ & she is almost 6′) is changing the playing field for the family business.

“As head of Corporate Communications and Design Services,” Nadja has taken what was once merely a novelty crystal business, and she has now “re-positioned the company with help of an editor friend,” and turned Swarovski into a creative force not to be missed!  Major fashion houses around the world use their crystals on high end fashion designs, as well as, light manufacturers adding some {bling} on all sorts of fixtures.   Now, they are involved in the film/movie industry, as Swarovski Entertainment. Their first film is about to roll out and it is an adaptation of  “Romeo & Juliet“.

Here, you can see what one day in her life is like as she was followed by the writer for WSJ.  It sure lets me know I am not the only woman in the world juggling 22 things in a day!

I hope you enjoyed the read and learned something new!


{Images via WSJ Magazine May 2013}

We Are Working On A New Blog Look!


Yes. Yes. Yes. I’ve been MIA! Yikes. It’s been, well, months since the last blog post. Yet, so much has been going on over here. Time is really flying right now for our family. So, hmmm, let’s see:  I sprained my left ankle, had summer break, lots of traveling, getting kids back to school, beginning to work out again and ah~yes, getting back to my blogging (today).

So, in all of that time, I did a lot of soul searching, thinking about my blog and more. I have decided to change the look of my blog to motivate me {not} to be MIA anymore. I think change inspires us and I needed change here.  The look today is temporary, to give me {quick satisfaction of some change} and to motivate me (remember, I need that right now)! :)  So, in the next few weeks be looking out for a whole new {Milieu} as our space, environment is going to be fresh and new.

We hope you will spread the word and enjoy it once the new look arrives in your email in-box, or seen on FaceBook and Twitter.

~Thanks and Happy Monday!


{Quotes To Live By} “Breaks Are…”

Breaks are the best part of working


Chilly, rainy & just plain YUK today in Charleston. May your afternoon be filled with a warm cup of cocoa ~ mine is now! T.G.I.F everyone!

{Quotes To Live By} …Live A Creative Life…

To Live A Creative Life - 8" X 10"

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{Hot From Charleston} or should I say {Hot From Atlanta}?


Ok ~ do I have your attention there? Good! I wanted to share some exciting news that happened to me yesterday! Are you ready? OK, I won a FREE ticket to the DESIGN CAMP ~ ATLANTA taking place at the {awesome} Fox Theater.   I won this awesome entry to Design Camp via a wonderful Blog called “All The Best Blog” by Rhonda Carman.

 Design Camp Atlanta will be held January 30th through February 1st.

Rhonda is 2nd down on left. Please check it out & follow here on Pinterest, receiving her email updates …. you get my point….follow her! ;)

OK ~ whew! I had to share that news, couldn’t wait any longer (well, except the kiddos are out of school TH, FR & M for Teacher Workdays & MLK Holiday). So, you can imagine my time working is zilch the next few days.  With that said, we are surprising our two lovely daughters and are heading south to Savannah FR-SUN to see the sights of this wonderful city that our girls have never seen before. The Westin looks amazing & the water taxi to/from should be  F.U.N. for sure.

 I hope those of you have not registered to win, will. I hope those of you who live in Atlanta and don’t think you could use a re-charge, especially it being in your backyard, think again. I am so excited to be going to Design Camp ~ Atlanta! I wanted to attend last year but alas, we were in the midst of a move from the ATL to Charleston kept that from being my reality (Guy’s job….’nough said but I do luv it here…who wouldn’t).

Lori Dennis L Kelli Ellisori & Kelli are said to be just like “Camp Counselors,” greeting each attendee with a hug and being down to earth ~ no snobby old school design attitudes here I heard (yippeee….sorry, this has always bugged me about our profession).

Well, I simply cannot wait to see many faces I haven’t seen on my 8 trips (yes, that many) since our move January 2012.  I welcomed these visit as I missed my ATL so much! The only hard part for me, after the third trip, was realizing I am visitor to my hometown, and I was. Once I adjusted to this sad fact,  I saw the ATL through fresh eyes again, like I did when I first moved there.

Needless to say, I enjoyed every second of every visit: all the client work (even the bad moments), popping into ADAC on my much needed (& yes, missed) design runs, enjoying the yummy eateries I’ve dined at for so long (and some new), as well as, seeing many friends/kids on our 2 personal trips for the girls summer camps (I gotta keep my gals happy). That’s a lot of visits from Jan 3rd to December 31st, 2012 yet my last visit was in early October.  I was born in Atlanta, moved to JAX, FL when I was three, moved back to ATL a year out of Design School (UF) from Miami, lived there 18 years till last January and I still call ATL home (in my heart).

          Duralee   Kravet

arteriors       Currey and Company

Almost forgot amongst all the excitement, many of my favorite vendors are sponsors of this event and Joy Coleman, the Duralee Showroom Mgr at ADAC, will also be a guest speaker  ~ I cannot wait Joy!!).

May this trip be one of: starting 2013 off with allowing myself time to grow as a person/woman/mother, one of immense learning & growing in ways I could not have imagined, meeting new vendors and design talents, and helping each other thrive in this {fast paced & ever changing} industry of ours.

Thank you Rhonda for such a wonderful {gift}. I will cherish it and use it wisely!  Looking forward to seeing you {all} on the 30th~


{Quotes To Live By} ~ Euripides

Oh what a power is motherhood.


I could not have said it better!  Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!


{Hot From} ATL Merchandise Mart

Well, the Atlanta Merchandise Mart just finished up and whilst I could not be there in body, I was in spirit.  Check out some of the new pieces that were just shown.  They are {lust} worthy!

Beautiful new {white} pieces from Creative Co-Op. And, they won REA’s “Manufacturer Of The Year” award. Way to Go!

What a lovely piece from Ro Sham Beaux {jDouglas is their Rep in ATL}!  Totally a throw back to my young child hood days of the 70’s (young key word) and yet so fresh for today!  I would place this in my Breakfast Room ~ in a hicup!

{Quotes To Live By} ~ Dalai Lama

Each Individual Is A Marvelous Opportunity.

[Dalai Lama]

I think that about says it all!  Have a great week everyone!


{Quotes To Live By} Starting 2013 Off Right!

Be #daring, be #different, be impractical... #quote #inspiration


Happy New Year Everyone!

{Hot From} Pantone ~ Emerald is 2013 “IT” Color Pick!


Well, Emerald is the “IT” color for 2013! What a vibrant and fun color, right? Yet why do all of us still feel such comfort (& joy) in the neutrals? Maybe we see, & feel, neutrals are:  safe, comforting and familiar and the pops of color we put in our spaces are the {band-aids} to make them feel and look better! I love this overview above from the Clockwise from upper left corner, all the previous years colors from Tangerine Tango all the way around to Fuchsia Rose of 20o1.

 So many opinions already being shared all over the web. I find it very interesting all the reasons behind “why” the color experts select the color they do for that year! What are your thoughts and are you going to incorporate this lush color into your home, office, yacht or wardrobe? Share your comments with me ~ love to hear them! In the mean time, take a look at some of the places I’ve seen Emerald used in the past and current.

                has a wonderful showing of all things {Emerald}! Just look at how Nars paired this strong color with a subtle, neutral blush pink. They balance each other out.  And check out Essie’s Blue/Green Polish ~ a spin from this summer’s hot colors ~ is sure to be a hit!


Even HERMÈS – Eau d’orange verte packaging is in this {hot} color from!

Look at this sharp Diesel jacket ~ can you say trend setting {Hot Hot Hot}!


Your touch of the {IT} color can be a subtle as these lovely hoop earrings.

And, lets remember that the color “Emerald” can run the gamma as each vendors version is different.  Check out these super cute Blink Silass Emerald Suede Booties!  They are not as green as the above images but are still considered “Emerald”.

La Prairie 'Life Threads Emerald' Eau de Parfum

La Prairie even has {Life Threads Emerald} parfum with the lush color within it!

 I hope you enjoyed seeing some of these fun options with Emerald as the featured {IT} color of 2013!  Kind-of gets you in the mood to get decked out for New Years Eve, doesn’t it! Please don’t forget, I would love to hear what you think about the “IT” color Emerald!

{Featured Sponsor} Great Holiday Discount!

Happy Holiday’s Everyone!

‘Tis the season to shop and Layla Grayce is offering 15% off all holiday gifts with promo code merry valid through 12/31/12! Layla Grayce is also offering 10% off Kashwere for the month of December using promo code:  snuggly.

Find a gift for everyone on your list! Below are a few favorite Layla Grayce gift ideas!

Delight your mother, sister or best friend with a Stephanie Johnson Palm Desert White Snap Mirror. A zebra-inspired print in metallic gold provides this on-the-go mirror with the high-profile glamour of a desert oasis.

The Kirra Tate Chevron Blue Bracelet Set adds style to any outfit and makes the perfect gift for the holidays. Don’t forget about the children on your list!

Need an easy/quick Christmas idea for a teacher or hairstylist? How {FUN} is this set of 4 hard glossy coasters are backed in cork from Clairebella on  Layla Grayce! They offer personalization in such a sophisticated way! This Christmas tree coaster has a brown zebra print with white initials set within a red band.

What an adorable Navy & White Zippered Kids Hoodie from Kashwere! This could be for a boy or a girl!

The Blabla Doll Wooly Giant delights toddlers and older kids with his tall stature and slightly quirky style.

 Just hop on over to Layla Grayce and grab that 15% discount off all holiday gifts using the promo code: merry.  And, remember, also use their 10% off Kashwere for December using promo code:  snuggly.

 Remember these codes expire 12/31/12!  Happy Shopping~

{For A Great Cause} – Switch Modern

Please stop by Switch Modern’s

Annual ONE WEEK ONLY Alzheimer’s Association Fundraiser!

Poltrona Frau - 20% off all products. Ends Tomorrow!

“Alzheimer’s Disease has touched our lives in a very personal way.  We here at Switch Modern want to do our share to stomp out this horrible disease. Please join us.”

1193 Howell Mill Road    Atlanta  GA  30318    404-605-0196

TGIF and good morning everyone!!!

Today I am in the mood to add some more books to my Interiors library.  As I scour the e-sites where books are now mostly sold, I see so many {pending} and {existing} books that need to find their way into my ever growing collection of resources in which to learn from.  Check out what I am looking at below and maybe your library could have some new additions too!

 Best of 500 Timeless Interiors

{found here}

OK ~ a MUST HAVE in my library is the new Miles Redd book!  You can order it ahead here as it does not debut till November {remember it is a Must Have…hee hee}!

The Big Book of Chic<br> November 2012



And another {FAV} Designer of mine has a new book coming out this month!



{Barbara Barry: Around Beauty (Rizzoli, $65). Photo: Gorman Studio}

I also {heart} this book by Darryl Carter.  I personally feel this book applies to most of my clients as most truly”collect” their homes over time.

The Collected Home: Rooms with Style,Grace,and History: Darryl Carter

Well, I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few more books that I covet.  Maybe you’ll find yourself hopping into your car and driving to your local bookstore (old school I know but how I like to buy books) or jumping on-line to purchase one (or all) of them.

Happy reading this weekend ya’ll!


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