Update on Brisbane, AU!

This is just simply an amazing image in and of itself and yet with that said, the most terrifying image as you know these raging waters have hurt so many and so much. Anna has a Design shop called Black & Spiro and she states that it is OK as it sits up higher on a hill. What luck that is right now! I am thankful for her Blog post as I’ve seen more {personal} images via these local Blog sites.

And, not to find any of this funny but don’t you just {heart} the Keep Calm and Carry On poster….how appropriate at that moment.  As well, I cannot believe this guy is carrying something.  I would be swimming quickly for higher ground or that porch to the right (unless of course it is his passport, drivers license, insurance…then I understand the need for careful balancing upon his head).

I am personally attached to OZ as my brother lives between Sydney and New Castle. He teaches at the Uni in New Castle and his significant and him are expecting their little one come Valentines week(they are waiting to find out boy or girl).  I have prayed that this rain would not affect their areas yet I am so sad it has affected anyone at all.  Please keep Australia in your hearts and minds as this flooding is just disastrous.

{Images above all via Anna Spiro at Absolutely Beautiful Things Blog out of Brisbane, AU}

This puts Atlanta’s craze to the grocery store this past Sunday to shame. This was a serious snow storm for us, however, Brisbane’s situation is super serious business. It is more like running inland from an incoming hurricane in Florida or a Tornado in Kansas ~ it is about life or death for many in the raging waters path.

{Above two images via Porch Light Interiors Blog}

This image taken at the top of her street and she lives down by the river end of it}

Please see Absolutely Beautiful Things and Porch Light Interiors Blogs to see more updates and beautiful post in general. Show your support by simply emailing them to let them know we are all thinking about everyone there.

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