{Featured Sponsor Post – Part 1} MasterWorks Atlanta Talks About Renovating In 2011

Hello everyone! I am so excited as I have my first “Guest Blogger” doing  a post on Milieu…{Design Blog} today. I will try very hard to keep Guest Blogger post related to topics near and dear to my heart:  Interior Design, Architecture, Renovation, Events & Staging, as well as, Furniture and Art.

I hope you enjoy my first Guest, Bernie Smith, Owner of Master Works Atlanta – A Build/Renovation/Design Company. I had the extreme pleasure of working with Bernie and his team {as well as many other great vendors/team players} at The Next Cool Thing Event in January. We created a really fun set as the event was about the movie industry that is {now} here in Atlanta.  Our teams set was “The Beverly Hillbillies” and how their mansion would look if they fell into their money today.  Bernie’s team did the best job constructing and tearing down our set. ~Thanks Bernie!

{Facade of Hillbillies Set At The Next Cool Thing Event}

{Interior Bath & Stair View of Beverly Hillbillies Set} {Images by Robin}

Renovating your home in today’s economy Part I

2010 was the time we spent accepting that the economy was not going to experience a fast recovery.  A lot of us in the remodeling and design industry waited for the recovery and some of us changed our business model in order to capture the dollars being spent.  The remodeling and design industry was hit the hardest and our unemployment figures have been estimated by some to be over 50%.

Homeowners are now very cautious about the cost of their projects and the relationship of this cost to the value of their home.  What were some of the most popular projects we did in 2010?

  • Kitchens
  • Baths
  • Attic conversions
    • Remodeling magazine www.costvsvalue.com completed a study that breaks down the cost vs. value and it has attic bedroom conversions as one of the best investments for remodeling your house.
    • Basements

People realized that staying within their space was the most cost effective way to add square footage to their house.  They looked at their basement and if it was already finished they looked in their attic and could see that they had another floor already under roof that they could finish!  Read more at http://www.masterworksatlanta.com/html/?p=97

We have worked hard and sourced products that were the best price and quality available for our clients.  We have renegotiated every piece of our business several times and find ourselves to be a lean machine that can compete with anyone in the city of Atlanta!

As we continue into 2011 we are already know that folks want to expand avoid the high cost of an addition.  We have the solution for them. Stay within their footprint and finish the available existing space.  We also know that they want to try to be green if possible as long as the cost is not out of the budget.  We are looking for some of those bigger projects to be put back on the table and reassessed for a hard look at how to value engineer the project.

We are excited to see our community get back into personalizing their homes and being optimistic about the future of our economy.  We are on track to have a very exciting year as we move into 2011!  What should we look for…come back next week for Part II of Renovating your home in today’s economy!

{Images via MasterWorks Atlanta}

I truly hope you enjoy Part I of this two part series. Thank you so much Bernie and I know I cannot wait t read Part II of your informative post about “Renovating in 2011.”

*Please contact Margaret at Milieu Design Group, Inc. for all your Interior Design needs.  We work hand-in-hand with renovators/builders to make sure your ideas become a reality.

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