{Hot From} Pantone ~ Emerald is 2013 “IT” Color Pick!


Well, Emerald is the “IT” color for 2013! What a vibrant and fun color, right? Yet why do all of us still feel such comfort (& joy) in the neutrals? Maybe we see, & feel, neutrals are:  safe, comforting and familiar and the pops of color we put in our spaces are the {band-aids} to make them feel and look better! I love this overview above from the LATimes.com. Clockwise from upper left corner, all the previous years colors from Tangerine Tango all the way around to Fuchsia Rose of 20o1.

 So many opinions already being shared all over the web. I find it very interesting all the reasons behind “why” the color experts select the color they do for that year! What are your thoughts and are you going to incorporate this lush color into your home, office, yacht or wardrobe? Share your comments with me ~ love to hear them! In the mean time, take a look at some of the places I’ve seen Emerald used in the past and current.

                         Sephora.com has a wonderful showing of all things {Emerald}! Just look at how Nars paired this strong color with a subtle, neutral blush pink. They balance each other out.  And check out Essie’s Blue/Green Polish ~ a spin from this summer’s hot colors ~ is sure to be a hit!


Even HERMÈS – Eau d’orange verte packaging is in this {hot} color from Sephora.com!

Look at this sharp Diesel jacket ~ can you say trend setting {Hot Hot Hot}!


Your touch of the {IT} color can be a subtle as these lovely hoop earrings.

And, lets remember that the color “Emerald” can run the gamma as each vendors version is different.  Check out these super cute Blink Silass Emerald Suede Booties!  They are not as green as the above images but are still considered “Emerald”.

La Prairie 'Life Threads Emerald' Eau de Parfum

La Prairie even has {Life Threads Emerald} parfum with the lush color within it!

 I hope you enjoyed seeing some of these fun options with Emerald as the featured {IT} color of 2013!  Kind-of gets you in the mood to get decked out for New Years Eve, doesn’t it! Please don’t forget, I would love to hear what you think about the “IT” color Emerald!

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