{Delish!} “Flourishing Foodie” Blog


I am OTM {that is over the moon in my world}!  I just found this great food blog started back in 2010.  Heather and her husband are from Canada & reside in Seattle, WA with their dog.  I love her blog! The gorgeous images, the thought behind each post, and just a tinge of cheeky humor to keep me there.  I luv it! I wish her continued success with her blog!

I think it was Thursday night that my friend Deedra FB posted pics, from NOLO, of the last summer moon and that fall is upon us.  That clicked for me when I read this blog this morning.  I thought to myself,  “I still have tomato’s to use and a basil plant (bought from Trader Joe’s) that is always making me think it is its last day w/us.  So, I better use both up, quickly!”

Every so often I get the itch to jump into a new recipe and give it a go. Today I will go buy the items we are missing for this recipe and I will try making this tomorrow afternoon ~ with my girls! So, hey, why don’t you jump over to her blog [Flourishing Foodie] to see the whole post.  And guess what, she makes it SOOOO easy to print the recipe. Yes, she makes something easy on a blog!

 Wishing you all a happy weekend!


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