{FYI Fridays} The White House Is 221 This Weekend!

TGIF Everyone!

I {luv} receiving my DIGG emails each day. I skim over them and find little, quick tid-bits of what is happening in the world ~ today.

Today, they posted something of historical interest and yet after watching two morning news channels, I have (not) heard this mentioned.  Well, the White House is celebrating its 221st Anniversary this weekend.  That is pretty interesting, I feel, and should be talked about in the news.  Maybe, just maybe, it would make those working in Washington, DC realize what a priveledge it is to work there and represent all of us Americans (I don’t get political but had to just say that….just sayin!).

This Yahoo article starts out with:  “On October 13, 1792, the White House’s cornerstone was put in place in a quiet ceremony. Since then, the president’s house has survived an attack, a near condemning, a second fire, and an effort to build a rival White House!”



{White House Fire in 1929 image}

Number 3. on this list is interesting as well.   “Very little of the original White House remains. Those pesky British burned the original White House in 1814 after U.S. forces set fire to Canada’s parliament. The famous Gilbert Stuart painting of George Washington was saved by a fleeing Dolley Madison and some exterior stone walls survived the fire.”

Did you know all that? I sure didn’t! Read on here and click on the DIGG/Yahoo link (via Yahoo) to read more about the White Houses 221st Anniversary and more great tid-bits news posts and factoids from around the globe!


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