{What’s A Girl To Do On A Rainy Day…} Look at funny pictures!



Maddie here is getting her 20/20 appointment. After Thanksgiving has {blown} through your house, you might also need a vision check ~ HA HA!

So, I’ve gone down my check list and seems all things are in order for a great Thanksgiving Week! Let’s see:

Gobble Gobble School Plays/Parties ~ Practiced For/Seen/Attended/Enjoyed – Check!

House Decor Set Out & Ready To Be Put Up After Right (AFTER) Thanksgiving – Check!

House Pet Sitter Scheduled – Check!

All Peeps Packed & Car Loaded – Check!

Kids Excited To See Family In Florida – Double Check (2 kids)!

Contacting Old (not “old”…sillies) Friends In Hopes Of Seeing While In FL – Check!

Curling up & Enjoying a Hot Cocoa On This Rainy Day B4 The Thanksgiving Craziness Begins – HECK YEAH – Check!

So, guess what? Here is an Easy & Cute idea for the kiddos at your Thanksgiving table from (yes) Martha Stewart (via Pinterest page I found)! I never thought to trim Craft Paper down to fit into my printer & yet we draw on it, like all the time! This is now done & ready for my girls to have something fun to do while the big kids enjoy each others company & conversations (you know what i’m talkin’ about y’all)!



PS ~ I printed it on 8 1/2 x 11 and reduced the size to 60% & worked GREAT!

So, Here’s To You & Your Families Enjoying Your Fun & Crazy Traditions This Thanksgiving Season!

{Be Safe, Don’t Eat Too Much & Heck, Why Not Follow Our Blog & make that a new tradition (wink)!}


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